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  • Date: 2002

Title Author Year Publisher
Evidence Of Worth In Not-For-Profit Sector Organisations Ian Harris, Michael Mainelli and Mary O'Callaghan 2002
Journal of Strategic Change, Volume 11, Number 8, John Wiley & Sons, pages 399-410.
Institutional Investment And Trading In UK Smaller Quoted Companies Fiona Buxton, Michael Mainelli, Robert Pay, Professor David Storey, Stephen Wells 2002
The Quoted Companies Alliance, 54 pages.
Competitive Cost Benchmarking Survey: Equity And Debt Products 2002 Jeremy Smith and Giles Wright 2002
Elevating Testing To The Boardroom Stephen Martin 2002
Industrial Strengths: Operational Risk And Banks Michael Mainelli 2002
Balance Sheet, Volume 10, Issue 3, MCB University Press.
Optimising Risk/Reward In High Ratio Relationships: Jumbo Bonsai Meets Pocket Battleship Michael Mainelli and Stephen Pumphrey 2002
Journal of Change Management, Volume 3, pages 7-20, Henry Stewart Publications, Number 1
When It Pays To Put A Value On Certainty Michael Mainelli and Rakesh Shah 2002
Facilities Management, Volume 9, Number 11, Butterworths Tolley, pages 24-25.
What Is The Best Way To Communicate, Marketing In An Economic Downturn Stephen Martin 2002
Events That Change Business Perception Michael Mainelli 2002
Strategy, The Strategic Planning Society, pages 9-11.
Organisational Investments In Network Infrastructure Stephen Martin 2002
CRN Foundation Event
All Important Information Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 2002
Charity Finance, Plaza Publishing Limited, pages 26-27.
Because Customers Change As They Learn, Companies Must Change How They Supply Stephen Martin 2002
Cost Per Trade Benchmark - Equity & Debt 2002 2002
Focus On The Influencers: Based Upon Research Into Decision Making And Change Stephen Martin 2002
Sales Process: What Will Make the Most Difference To Your Sales? Stephen Martin 2002
What About the Internet: Some Thoughts On The Internet And The Market Trends Stephen Martin 2002
What is the Best Way to Communicate: Based on Original Research and Analysis Stephen Martin 2002
Enterprise Risk/Reward Management Michael Mainelli 2002
UK Asset and Liability Management Association
Balancing The Odds: Stochastic Accounting Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris 2002
Balance Sheet, Volume 10, Number 2, MCB University Press, pages 22-27.
Cost Per Trade Benchmark - FX & Money Markets 2002 2002