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  • Date: 2001

Title Author Year Publisher
How To Count Your Blessings (Outcome Measurement) Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 2001
Charity Finance, Plaza Publishing Limited, pages 42-43.
For A Good Cause (Working With Not-For-Profit Organisations) Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 2001
IT Consultant, Penton Technology Media, page 54-57.
Great Mistakes In Technology Commercialisation Kevin Parker and Michael Mainelli 2001
Journal of Strategic Change, Volume 10, Number 7, John Wiley & Sons, pages 383-390.
FM Risk/Reward Analysis Models Michael Mainelli 2001
Adding Value: The FM Equation, RICS Facilities Management Faculty
Facilities Management Should Clasp The ASP To Its Breast Michael Mainelli 2001
Opinion, The Facilities Business, Issue 8, Volume 2, The Builder Group plc, page 12.
Can Banks Really Reduce Their Processing Costs? Jeremy Smith 2001
Driving Down the Cost of Investment Banking, CSFI
Enterprise Risk/Reward Management In Property Michael Mainelli 2001
The Property Forum
Review Of Turning Lead Into Gold: The Demystification Of Outsourcing (By Peter Bendor-Samuel) Michael Mainelli 2001
I-FM Opinion, 2 pages.
Z/Yen Voluntary Sector Benchmarking Survey 2001
Applying Risk/Reward Options To High Technology Company Valuation Michael Mainelli, 2001
Best Practice Valuation for High Technology Companies, SMI
Planning And Implementing Your E-Commerce System Workbook 2001
Information Technology Governance In The Not-For-Profit Sector: An ICSA Best Practice Guide Ian Harris, Michael Mainelli and Sarah-Jane Critchley 2001
ICSA Publishing, ISBN:1901498123, 48 pages.