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  • Date: 1998

Title Author Year Publisher
Risk Management And The Millennium Bug Michael Mainelli 1998
Croner Business Networks Briefing, Issue 21, pages 5-8.
The Potential Impact Of Quantum Computing Michael Mainelli and Charles Ross 1998
Croner Business Networks Briefing, Issue 20, pages 6-8.
Ready For Takeoff? How To Get Computer Systems Airborne Ian Harris and Charles Bartlett 1998
NGO Finance
Knowledge Management/Risk Management - Risks & Rewards Ian Harris 1998
International Consultants' Guide
Benchmarking - A Developed Framework To Manage, Measure And Reward Performance Alex Tatham 1998
Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends - Mutual Insurance And The Year 2000 Computer Date Problem Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris 1998
NGO Finance, Volume 8, Issue 3 (May 1998), page 32.
Chaotics Michael Mainelli 1998
Long Range Planning, Vol. 31, Number 2, Elsevier, pages 327-328.
Who Owns Information Technology? The 1998 Charity Finance Ian Harris and Ian Theodoreson 1998