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  • Date: 1997

Title Author Year Publisher
Taking A Chance - Risk/Reward In Financial Systems Projects Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris 1997
Conspectus, Prime Marketing Publications Ltd, pages 38-39.
Military Minds Train On Financial Targets Michael Mainelli and Martin Dooney 1997
Investment & Pensions Europe, IPE International Publishers Ltd, page 14.
Defence And The Internet Michael Mainelli 1997
Oman Telecom Book '97, (Proceedings of Oman Telecom '97 Conference, September 1996), Trifoil Publications Inc, pages 73-78.
Private Success, Public Problems - Organisational Change During Privatisation Michael Mainelli 1997
The Public Sector A-Z of Human Resources 1997, Public Sector Information Ltd, pages 80-82.
Workflow Goes Upfront Ian Harris and Mike Smith 1997
Conspectus Prime Marketing Publications Ltd