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  • Date: 1992

Title Author Year Publisher
Certification Boom Spells Good Business Michael Mainelli 1992
Management Consultancy
Certification Boom Spells Good Business (Quality Standards) Michael Mainelli 1992
Management Consultancy, VNU Business Publications, pages 57-61.
Chorus Of Approval Michael Mainelli 1992
Internal Communication Focus
Computerization Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 1992
The Charity Finance Handbook 1992/93, G. Zacharous (ed), Charles Letts & Co, pages 129-132.
A Study Of Strategic Practice Michael Mainelli 1992
BDO Consulting, Updated and Re-Issued 2000, 2005 by Z/Yen Limited
Vision Into Action: A Study Of Corporate Culture Michael Mainelli 1992
Journal of Strategic Change, Volume 1, John Wiley & Sons, pages 189-201.