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Z/Yen Limited are delighted to announce that Michael Mainelli, age 36, has joined the City-based risk/reward management practice as a main board director.  Michael's role will be to concentrate on large organisations which are applying risk/reward management techniques to strategy and planning.  His most important assignment will be a corporate development project for the £1 billion Defence Evaluation Research Agency.

Michael was formerly a partner of Binder Hamlyn where, in 1987, he was one of the youngest ever partners appointed.  Michael has a strong background in strategic planning, financial planning and information systems.  He directed privatisation projects as well as commercial, public and voluntary sector assignments.  For the last three of his seven years at Binder Hamlyn, Michael served on the National Partnership Committee.  Michael's role focused on business development; in particular new service products.

During 1986 and 1987 Michael was a senior manager with Arthur Andersen Management Consultants, where he continued pioneering work in computing, oil and publishing which he had begun at Petroconsultants.  His most innovative role was as project director for Geodat and Mundocart, the first large scale commercial map digitisation of the world.

Michael won a scholarship to Harvard University and subsequently Trinity College Dublin, where he read Government and Engineering respectively.  Ever hungry for new ideas, Michael is currently studying for a DPhil in Chaotic Strategy at the London School of Economics.

Z/Yen Director Ian Harris commented "we are thrilled that Michael has chosen his new career with Z/Yen.  Michael has contributed significantly to the development of soft methodologies on risk/reward management and has pioneered the use of risk management techniques on high profile assignments.  His style and personality should be a superb fit with Z/Yen's innovative approach to professional advice.  We are delighted to have someone of his calibre and City stature with us".

14 April 1995