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Z/Yen zaps alien firms to win strategic business review at 3D computer game market leader Argonaut

Z/Yen Limited, the fast-growing new kid on the business advice block, has won a competitive bid to conduct a strategic business review at Argonaut, the pioneering makers of market-leading 3D computer games, video machine chips and 3D rendering libraries.  Argonaut are the creators of best selling computer games Star Fox and Stunt Racer, the FX and FX2 chips and the BRender library of software tools; they have business partnerships with Microsoft, Disney, Nintendo and GTE.

Jez San, Argonaut's Managing Director, says: "We chose Z/Yen because of their wide variety of experience, flexible approach and creative fee structure.  Over the last few years, Argonaut has grown from a bedroom operation to a staffing of over 120 people.  Z/Yen is instrumental in helping us manage our growth, improve our lines of communication and set a way forward for the next phase of our move from developer to publisher."

Z/Yen director, Stuart Otter, comments: "We are delighted to have won this assignment with this highly creative and rapidly growing business.  At Z/Yen we are committed to helping forward-thinking businesses to find innovative solutions.  We believe that Argonaut was attracted to Z/Yen's powerful blend of entrepreneurs and practitioners who can help turn a client's vision into reality.  This win is further evidence of Z/Yen's attractiveness to leading edge technology companies and fast growing businesses.  We hope to help Argonaut make its success even more awesome."

Z/Yen specialises in risk/reward management, an innovative approach to improving organisational performance.  Z/Yen clients to date include blue chip companies in banking, insurance, distribution as well as several research and development oriented technology clients.

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Linda Cook: (020) 7562 9562 

7 June 1995