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Alan Beeston has joined Z/Yen Limited, the fast-moving, fast-growing risk/reward management firm.  Alan is a Chartered Engineer who specialises in process consulting such as quality systems, project management and marketing planning.  Alan has an MBA from Cranfield, has recently undertaken a process improvement programme for a food industry company and devised a quality system for an aluminium plant.

Z/Yen director, Stuart Otter, says "we are genuinely delighted that Alan has chosen to join us.  We are building a risk/reward management practice of exceptional quality and breadth.  By attracting people with Alan's ability and professionalism, we should continue to go from strength to strength.  The fact that Alan has joined us provides further evidence that Z/Yen is now 'the place to be' for high fliers who are attracted to the risk/reward approach to business management."

Alan demurs.  "Everyone I have met at Z/Yen is bursting with energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.  Z/Yen consistently finds innovative approaches to solving client problems.  Further, Z/Yen's risk/reward methodology is the first holistic business analysis and planning framework I have seen which delivers the benefits promised.  It is a universal tool for management decision making, applicable to diverse areas such as strategies, investment appraisals, quality reviews and process improvement studies.  I am thrilled and excited to be working with the Z/Yen team.  I don't even mind them calling me Beesty Boy".

For further information please contact: 

Linda Cook: (020) 7562 9562

14 December 1995