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Z/Yen fertilise new ideas for European industry

Risk/reward specialist Z/Yen Limited, has advised the European Fertiliser Manufacturer's Association (EFMA) on an anti-dumping action shortly to be heard in the European Court.

The action relates to injuries caused to the European Industry by the dumping of cheap non-EC nitrogen fertilisers in the early 1990's.

EFMA turned to Z/Yen because of its ability to master complex legal, financial, and technical issues in a tight timescale.  In addition Z/Yen has been able to use its innovative risk/reward analysis to produce a challenging new approach to the technico-economic analysis of dumping.

EFMA Issue Manager for Trade and Economic Policy, Josef Keltjens, said "Z/Yen's help enabled us to cut through to the heart of some highly complex issues surrounding the subject of dumping.  The European fertiliser industry is a strategic part of European agriculture, and we want the European Court to be aware of the impact of dumping on the long-term viability of the industry in Europe.  Z/Yen's studies have changed the scope of our thinking on the risks and returns to our industry."

For further information please contact Michael Mainelli of Z/Yen on (020) 7562-9562.

13 March 1996