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The Pamphleteers

  • Eurocrat Pensions

    A number of articles and blogs have raised the question of settlement of the unfunded DB pension liabilities of UK eurocrats. Many have observed that these are generous and have reported the complex and changing formulae by which member contributions are determined. Under the existing

  • The Folklore Of Cryptocurrencies - Alchemy Revisited?

    (Or how myths and legends can grow in under 10 years)



    Cryptocurrencies are a recent global financial and technological

  • DB and CDC

    With Labour calling for completion of the unfinished legislation necessary to introduce collective defined contribution schemes, the usual suspects emerged to decry the concept. Their position really has to be one of wilful blindness given that the most elementary

Z/Yen was commissioned to invent, design and put together an entirely new financial game by our forward-looking client Zaroo. From invention to implementation this several hundred thousand pound project has taken five months. Zaroo has begun selling "FatCat Zillionaire" to large organisations as an internet marketing tool – "you’ve caught the surfer, now give them a wave to ride!" Players have fun and win prizes by trading ‘shares’ in web entities and gaining dividend points based on the web entities’ popularity ratings. The game combines an industrial strength exchange (5,000 player orders can be matched per minute) with web-tracking technology such as DoubleClick’s and is suitable for up to 6 million players. Zaroo has applied for a patent on FatCat (four Z/Yen people are named as inventors) and readers are welcome to try it out on (note: until launched by one of Zaroo’s clients, this demo version lacks the thrills of hundreds of simultaneous players). So far, the most interest has been shown by retail, financial, travel, betting and advertising internet brands.