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The Pamphleteers

  • Eurocrat Pensions

    A number of articles and blogs have raised the question of settlement of the unfunded DB pension liabilities of UK eurocrats. Many have observed that these are generous and have reported the complex and changing formulae by which member contributions are determined. Under the existing

  • The Folklore Of Cryptocurrencies - Alchemy Revisited?

    (Or how myths and legends can grow in under 10 years)



    Cryptocurrencies are a recent global financial and technological

  • DB and CDC

    With Labour calling for completion of the unfinished legislation necessary to introduce collective defined contribution schemes, the usual suspects emerged to decry the concept. Their position really has to be one of wilful blindness given that the most elementary

    ... is one of our most exciting new clients in what has been an incredibly good start to the 00’s (naughties). Zaroo is a well-funded internet startup with the objective of becoming the site of choice for 14 to 24 year olds. Zaroo came to Z/Yen for help with one of the most adventurous aspects of its site, a true-to-life investment game which Zaroo members can begin playing for fun and end playing for real. Z/Yen’s contract includes the development of this large-scale game, given our financial, computing, modeling and games experience. Z/Yen has been working on the project for less than two weeks, yet already we have advanced rapidly on the design of the game and are helping to accelerate Zaroo through introductions to prospective partners. We look forward to a global launch in the late Spring/early Summer. As they say, Doo Yoo Zaroo?