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The Pamphleteers

  • Staying In EUr Relationship Is Hard Work – With Or Outwith The UK

    Hopefully, Thursday, 23 June 2016 is a quiet, slow news day with everyone at the polls.  Regular readers know that Pamphleteers is about the long-term.  We have published only a little on the

  • Understanding the Pension Crisis

     The turmoil that has surrounded British Home Stores throughout 2016 has highlighted a deeper concern about UK firms’ pension funds that is more serious and complex than may seem on the surface. The BHS example has gained significant media coverage because of the conflict between management

  • The Triple A Phenomenon Around the Value Web

    The ever-increasing acceptance of the concept of the Value Web is bringing forth an interesting example in the disjointed developmental chronology that always attaches itself to anything disruptive in nature.

    For the sake of this piece, let’s call it the Awareness, Acceptance,