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The Pamphleteers

  • PostCapitalism: A Guide To Our Future - a Critique

    Paul Mason’s book, PostCapitalism: A Guide To Our Future,has been hailed as one of this season’s must-read books for longer-term thinkers.  Yet several people I consider to be natural readers of the book confess to me that

  • All is Fair in Love and War … (and Free Market Economics ? )

    While we are all capable of identifying unfairness at a local level, i.e. the guy on the next desk is getting paid more than you for doing the same job, in economics more distant and general concepts of fairness are harder to pin down.  In some ways, concepts of fairness do not sit comfortably

  • The Politics of Christmas Cards

    The season of goodwill is upon us, heralded by such recognised phenomena as the first carol on the radio, Xmas lights in the high street and the first heap of Christmas cards in the shops. The first two are relatively innocuous, the third about as deadly as a bidet full of