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The Pamphleteers

  • MegaCity Lon: Are Sky Cities Sustainable in 2000AD?

    Gemini CIO Blog: #thinkgemini #newfundorder

    For three decades the UK has become obsessed with the 'right to buy' and a desire to climb the property ladder upwards, a capitalist proxy for long term saving. For years mortgaged properties have been the largest

  • Concussion and Contempt in Lake Garda: Brexit Revisited

    My favourite place for creative writing and thinking is a hop and a skip north of Malcesine on Lake Garda. The combination of friends, mountain scenery and mediocre windsurfing is unbeatable. It’s my performance which is mediocre, which is

  • The Impact of Shocks

    One of the central problems in economic forecasting is the problem of being unable to run randomised trials on different courses of action.  Forecasting is therefore based on limited data and models with a strong ideological input.  Now that the result of the EU Referendum is known, the