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The Pamphleteers

  • In Safe Hands? The Future of Financial Services Revisited

    On 2011 we published a long term look at the future of financial services under the title of “In Safe Hands?”  – with hindsight –

  • Fintech and Unintended Consequences

    It is widely discussed that a whole variety of technologies are on the verge of disrupting the financial sector in the next 2 decades in the same way that manufacturing was revolutionised by automation a generation ago.

    The potential of robo-advice and blockchain, in particular, is

  • A Transparency Tax?

    The issues of Tax avoidance and evasion are never far from the news.  The Panama Papers may well lead to the hacking of equivalent firms in other jurisdictions and the exposure of practices while not illegal may well be deeply problematic at a societal level.  We know from the Panama Papers of