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Z/Yen Limited, the fast-moving risk/reward management firm, needed to relocate its city office to larger premises after less than a year trading.  From 1 October the business is based at 5-7 St Helen's Place, EC3.

Practice manager Kate Carty explains "Z/Yen has experienced such substantial growth over the past few months that we needed additional space.  Significant new accounts include British Gas plc, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, Argonaut Software and Technologies, Cancer Research UK and several Eastern European Banks.  We have several joiners coming on board in the next month or two and are planning to take on more.

"We remain committed to office hotelling, telecommuting and the use of technology to maximise our efficiency and minimise the central office requirements.  Most of our joiners will not be based in the City.  A traditional business of our size and scope would require four to six times as much space, together with all the additional overheads that extra space implies.  We are able to share the benefits of our modern approach with our clients and our people."

Kate muses "I suppose that is what risk/reward management is all about; the new office is the reward of success, the risk is that we lose touch with people."

Z/Yen specialises in risk/reward management, an innovative approach to improving organisational performance.  The Z/Yen founders were Kate Carty, Ian Harris, Michael Mainelli, Stuart Otter, Steve Taylor and John Thompson.  Z/Yen clients to date include blue chip companies in banking, insurance, utilities and distribution, as well as several charities and medical organisations.

For further information please contact:

Linda Cook: (020) 7562 9562

5 October 1995