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Years and years of working for Z/Yen should result in Z/Yen folk picking up some seriously useful life skills, such as an uncanny knack for spotting an opportunity to make a quick buck, e.g. by spotting a bargain. 

Marie Logan (a well-known Z/Yen alumna) and Linda Cook (even more well-known as Z/Yen’s Practice Manager) are appearing on the daytime television game show, Bargain Hunt, on Friday 22 August at 12.15 on BBC1. 

The show requires them to attempt to make profit buying knick-knacks at a retail market and then reselling them at auction.  Further, they must seek to make more money than another team of two intrepid bargain hunters.  By all accounts it was a fierce, no-holds-barred competition.   

Bargain Hunt

We cannot tell you how Linda and Marie got on, naturally, but we do highly recommend that you tune in to see how our highly-trained, analytical risk/reward managers in red got on against the gifted but ill-fated, non-specialists in blue.

Contrary to popular belief, most of us Z/Yen folk aren’t available to watch daytime television, so we’ll be setting our recorders.  Or, as Linda so helpfully puts it, “it will be on BBC iPlayer for a week, just in case you miss the show live.  After that we will probably be on repeat forever!”

Further, if you want any knick-knacks valued by a bargain hunter with plenty of recent relevant experience, please contact by e-mail or on (020) 7562 9562.