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First and foremost, our congratulations go to Francesca on her engagement. In other Society Page news, we hear rumours of Linda’s plans for a move from “The Sty” (not quite “The Shire” in Lord of the Rings) to “Paradise”. Naturally, our friends at CityAxis are handling the project. Apparently Paradise is a few thousand square feet on the other side of the wall. Paradise has clean desks and open spaces, massage chairs at each plush workstation with quad plasma screens, a ‘silver service’ lunchroom, the waterfalls (yes!) flow with milk and honey and the aquarium has to be seen to be believed ... Well, we hear the pounding anyway and may have a welcoming cocktail party in a few months. Finally, Michael (Prof) Mainelli’s first year of Gresham lectures draw to a close with number six – “How Can You Have Too Much Choice?” on Monday, 15 May 2006, 18:00, Barnard’s Inn Hall – followed by a Z/Yen drinks reception. Attendance is free, don’t miss it, choose to come.