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DasCoin asked Z/Yen Group to organise a Long Finance seminar to introduce DasCoin, a new cryptocurrency, ahead of its official launch on 14 January 2017 in Hong Kong. Entitled “DasCoin: A Hybrid Digital Store of Value System”, this seminar seeks to understand the intellectual thinking behind DasCoin, a hybrid solution which combines centralised and decentralised currency approaches.  We intend to compare and contrast DasCoin with other currency systems out there, from Bitcoin (obviously) to Ethereum, zcash, and others, on dimensions including governance, distribution criteria, authentication, the nature of the blockchain (public vs private) and the ecosystem surrounding the cryptocurrency.  Along the way we intend to gather insights and critiques from academics and other interested parties on what the benefits of such alternative approaches might be, notably in terms of security, stability and scalability. The output will be a short report on the proceedings. This Long Finance event will take place on Monday 21 November (08:30 to 11:00) in London (more information).

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