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So Hard to Measure Good


Thursday, 24 September 2015

It is increasingly recognised that there is more to corporate performance than financial results. Ethical practice, environmental stewardship and effective governance are among the attributes we believe a “good” company should display. But do any of us really know if we can measure what makes us “good” and if we should even try?

This seminar will discuss whether and how it is possible to define and measure seemingly intangible corporate qualities, such as governance or human capital management. We will outline what:

  • you can do to measure intangible performance
  • different kinds of data you can use;
  • pitfalls you need to avoid;
  • techniques that can be used to get more from the data you have.

The event will be led by the authors of two recently published reports which sought to measure corporate attributes in new ways.

“The Great Governance Debate – Towards a Good Governance Index for Listed Companies” sets out the results of research carried out by Z/Yen with the Institute of Directors and Cass Business School. Report co-author Mary O’Callaghan will focus on the pros and cons of the different approaches used to measure governance and the varied results they produce.

“OMI – The Global Index of Human Capital Management” provides the results from a major study of the organisational maturity, specifically the human capital management of large UK companies. Stuart Woollard, will outline the methodology used to develop the index and discuss the potential for company performance to be improved by transparent and open reporting.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion led by Ian Harris (Z/Yen Group). A Q&A session will then give the opportunity to the audience to share comments and insights.





Paul Kearns, Chair, Maturity Institute

Ian Harris, Director, Z/Yen Group Limited

Mary O'Callaghan, Senior Consultant, Z/Yen Group Limited

Stuart Woollard, Managing Partner, OMS LLP


Z/Yen Group Limited, 90 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5AY




 The Great Governance Debate - Towards A Good Governance Index for Listed Companies