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Lots of entries again this time. Many predictable jokes about trout pouts and herring aids – come on folks, you all can do a bit better than that. And indeed several of you did much better than that, not least the following efforts.

Honourable mentions to:

At the Annual Z/Yen Fancy Dress Ball, Janet went as Leslie Ash Clare

Janet was obviously angling for more business David Devine

"Mad photophile lady introduces everyone to her brand new Red Snapper" Maria Gill

(Maria gets an honourable mention, not only for a good one-liner, but also for having an unfeasibly suitable name for this month’s competition).

But this month the winner is:

"In her haste, Janet had misread the job advertisement and taken along a plastic fish to impress the interview panel at Z/Yen the leading commercial fish tank company!"Dianne Errington

Many congratulations to the above and also to all who entered the contest this month.