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A superb variety of entries for this month’s double competition. The subject matter clearly got the creative juices (or perhaps it was fish sauce) flowing.

First the caption competition itself. Honourable mentions to:

Only one contestant was Koi during the office game of "Snog Marry Avoid?" Brendan Floyde

This book is most definitely not a load of old carp! Chris Dutta

But the winner is:

Even with such a large portion, Michael and Ian weren't expecting a bill this big. Adrian Brodkin

Next the competition to name the carp. This has proved to be more difficult. A great many people clearly didn’t notice the teaser/example “Bill” and suggested that name (or some variant of it) as their competition entry. Meanwhile our own Linda Cook had her heart set on “David Van Day” (the fella from the 1970’s pop duo Dollar). In a similar twist, Rowena Williams suggested “Bucks Fish”. And for those who like things with even more antiquity than that, Mike Cushman’s Latin moniker, “Carpe Diem”, works well. Jean Clements' idea, “Chips”, is surely also worth an honourable mention, as is Ken Wilkinson’s radical & comedic idea, “Carpo Marx”.

However, on this occasion, Ian, your intrepid teaser setter and judge, has decided that it is almost impossible to better the name Bill. So although several people, not least Adrian Brodkin (the above caption competition winner), suggested “Big Bill” as a variant, which will no doubt stick as the actual name, Ian has awarded the win to himself. No prize, of course, but recognition after 10 years of competition setting that, just sometimes, the teasers deserve the win.”

Well done to all who entered both competitions in November.