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Lots of entries this month with puns on the names of Henry VIII’s wives. The best of those gets an honourable mention:

Even though Geraldine felt under Parr, Henry wanted to Seymour of her – “Howard you like to go Boleyn?” he asked her. Clare

It was a bit Aragon of you, though, Clare, to omit to mention wife number one. Perhaps you favour the wives he cleaved. Indeed, we also (predictably) got lots of beheading jokes. The best of those is also worth an honourable mention:

Everyone in the office advised Geraldine that, if Henry offered her lunch, not to ask for the chop. Valerie Falconer

But for its sheer off-the-wallness, this month the winner is:

Geraldine's smile was resolute. Chosen by the Monarch to be his No.7, she was gamely determined to play her part, for England, for Posterity, for King Hal. Tracy Whiteley

Congratulations to all who took part.