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Lots of excellent entries this month. Rather too many obvious “hairy biker” jokes but never mind.

Honourable mention in particular to Mikaela Green, partly for perseverance and partly for assuming that schmoozing Ian might be the key to a prize - close, Mikaela, but no cigar.

And the crowd went wild as Ian, wind flowing through his luscious locks, sat stationery under the tree. Mikaela Green

Other honourable mentions this month to:

Ian felt quite sick. In fact, he was a queasy rider.Valerie Falconer

Ian Harris: never 2 tyred 2 please Alan Green

But this month’ winner is:

Ian relentlessly pursued the trouser thief stopping only briefly to speak to another victim. Rowena Williams

Many congratulations to all the above and indeed to everyone who had a go this month.